• The Parnaíba Thermoelectric Complex reaches 1,4GW of gross installed capacity
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  • Eneva is a fully integrated energy company.
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ENEVA Reservoir-to-Wire Model
OUR BUSINESSES Parnaíba Complex
OUR BUSINESSES Exploration and Production

Eneva reports net profits of R$ 180 millions in third quarter results

Eneva reported R$ 180 million of net profits in the third quarter of 2018, a 240% increase compared to the same period last year. The result was positively impacted by operational improvement of assets and a continuous improvement of the company capital structure.

Eneva is pioneer in the reservoir-to-wire business model in Brazil

Eneva’s 2.2 GW of installed power generation account for 5% of the Brazilian thermal capacity, and places us among the largest private power generation companies in Brazil.

Parnaíba Complex

Eneva operates the Parnaíba Complex, a set of four thermal power plants with 1,4GW of gross installed capacity, one of the largest gas-fueled thermal complexes in Brazil.

Resettlement of Nova Demanda


Resettlement project of 65 families that lived in Maranhão’s countryside. One more example of Eneva’s commitment with the sustainable development in its operating environment.