At Eneva, we seek to maximize value and evolve constantly, developing our processes with quality, efficiency and ethics with our suppliers. All the suppliers who have an interest of working with us need, first, to register in our system. If you identify yourself with our values and want to become one of our partners, here is how to proceed.

The first step is to register in SAP Ariba – web platform that we use in our source-to-pay process and to exchange documents with our suppliers.

Begin by filling out the self-registration, through which we will know more about your potential as a supplier, and what types of input, material or service you are interested in providing to Eneva.
To register, follow the step below:

Step 1: Click on the link:
Step 2: Fill out the information about your company

Important: Inform which categories you are able to supply and the regions you can attend, especially in the cities and states where Eneva is located. These fields are extremely important in order to identify your company if there is any opportunity to participate in RFP events.

When you submit your self-registration, a confirmation message will appear at the screen and the registered contact will receive an e-mail informing that the Eneva team is analyzing your request.

Next steps to complete registration

Being in line with our standards and needs, Eneva will follow the supplier homologation process. At this stage, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to sign up for the Ariba Network and complete your registration.

Attention: there is no cost to register with Ariba Network and SAP Ariba to attend Eneva.

Support for using our supplier system

In case of software problems, or to login, contact Ariba SAP Support through the Help Center at or