Project Name: Giramundo Puppet Theater.
Category: voluntary sociocultural initiative.
Region: municipalities of São Luís and Paço do Lumiar (MA).
Objective: promote environmental education and strengthen local culture in communities around UTE Itaqui.
Return: region appreciation by improving education and culture standards, affecting more than 2,000 individuals.
Start and End: August 2009 - February 2010

In August 2009, the company committed to support cultural projects target to improve culture standards in Maranhao, where ENEVA subsidiary, Itaqui, is due to start operating. One of the sponsored initiatives was Giramundo Puppet Theater, started 40 years ago and regarded as the largest of its kind in Brazil.

For six months, the troupe interacted with the communities around the Itaqui thermoelectric plant, disseminating messages and promoting environmental awareness and delivering workshops on puppet making.

The manufacturing of puppets from recycled materials and raw materials found in nature combined professional training with notions of sustainability.

More than two thousand children, youth and adults attended the 30 performances, including the shows Amazon, Cerrado and Natural Apprentice, delivered in schools and public spaces in São Luis and in Paço do Lumiar (MA). An open exhibition showed the 100+ puppets manufactured by the students during the workshops.

In addition, 200 educational DVDs were donated to the municipal school system in those cities and community associations in the Itaqui-Bacanga area.

The Giramundo Puppet Theater and the Maranhão on the Screen project were supported  through the Ministry of Culture’s Rouanet Law incentives.​


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