One of ENEVA commitments upon establishment of any enterprise in a region is to add benefits associated with employment and income generation. For this purpose, the company has implemented skills training programs for the population living in the Areas of Direct Influence (IDA) of the plants.

Training on hydraulic, electricity, and other construction expertise open opportunities for skilled residents to work on ENEVA construction projects.

Another line of action in this program is qualification for such sectors as catering and hospitality, which will naturally have increased demand with the installation of new business.

Find the new developments where this program has already been implemented:

Target-Public: Vila Residencial Nova Canaã residents, in Paço do Lumiar (MA)
Results: 32 classes concluded in partnership with Senai, totalizing 650 individuals trained in courses like Mason, NR10, Formworker, Carpentry, Building Electrician, Plumber, Junior Thermal Plant Operator and First Aid. The trainings were also followed by a Marketing Integration training. The ultimate goal is to reach 600 trainees.

Parnaíba Complex
Target-Public: Santo Antônio dos Lopes (MA) and Capinzal do Norte (MA) residents
Results: 199 individuals trained in courses like Building Construction, Building Auxiliary and Carpentry. 300 vacancies in courses of RX Welder – Electro Coated, Scaffold Assembler and Mechanical Assembler.

Pecém I

Target-Public: São Gonçalo do Amarante (CE) population 
Results: 133 individuals trained in in courses like Building Construction, Industrial Mechanics and Industrial Welding.

Pecém II
Target-Public: São Gonçalo do Amarante (CE) population 
Results: 83 individuals trained in courses like Building Construction, Industrial Mechanics and Industrial Welding. 120 trained in initial training courses and continuing with the Centec: hairdresser, manicure and pedicure, regional food and basic secretariat.



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