​​Sustentabilidade_Atuacao_Social_Cultural_Iniciativas_Compensatorias.JPG​After establishing in a region, ENEVA seeks to contribute to local social development and keep a frank dialogue with stakeholders in order to better meet their expectations, thereby keeping an effective communications channel.

The company is investing in professional training programs to qualify the local labor for the work market, and is also investing in the community awareness about the new social and economic reality.

Establishing communication and dialogue channels with local associations, government agencies, NGOs, opinion leaders and other social players is also a key success factor in the relationship between business and society.

See the details of these actions on the pages below:​​
Relocation of Families
Resettlement and citizenship promotion program for families in the vicinity of Itaqui.
Community Relations
Field communication with stakeholders in the regions where ENEVA develops enterprises
Workforce Qualification
Vocational training to increase employability and direct utilization in ENEVA developments
Health Conditions Monitoring
Accident prevention, endemic control, and educational lectures delivered to employees and families linked to the company
Healthy Kids, Healthy Future
Actions focused on health and nutrition education engaging teachers and students from municipal schools


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