The HSSE Management System is the part of the ENEVA’s Governance Management System that manages aspects of Health, Safety, Environment and Property Security in the company.
The System is based in 16 guidelines, which emerged from the construction of the company’s Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy. They are:
1. Leadership, responsibilities and authorities;
2. Identification of aspects and dangers and management of impacts and risks;
3. Legal compliance;
4. Goals and improvement plans;
5. Capability, training and awareness;
6. Control of documents and records;
7. Communication, participation and consultation;
8. Social Responsibility;
9. Acquisition of goods and services;
10. Operational control and change management;
11. Preparation and response to emergencies;
12.  Transparency and business ethics;
13. Research and development;
14. Report, investigation and analysis of incidents;
15. Monitoring of performance and compliance;
16. Critical analysis.
The guidelines that compose the IMS are the basis for the preparation of corporate procedures and specific procedures at the units. All of these documents are based on international quality standards (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001) and operational health and safety (OHSAS 18001). Its main objectives are to ensure environmental protection, people’s safety and health, reliability and effectiveness of company’s operations, rational use of natural resources and integrity of assets.
ENEVA understands that the evolution of implementing the Management System in the company, through audit cycles and continuous improvement, is an important foundation for consolidating the principles of sustainability in all units and exceeds to its partners. Therefore, ENEVA works to transform those principles into behavior change and to consolidate them into its strategy.
Benefits of ENEVA’s Management System:


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