​​​Project Name: Conserved Caatinga

Category: voluntary environmental initiative

Region: Ceará

Objective: encourage dry forest conservation in private properties, contributing to the sustainable management of this ecosystem

Return: support the creation and management of private RPPNs in the municipalities of Quixada, Itatira, Maranguape, General Sampaio, Itapipoca, and Pacatuba (CE).

Timeframe: 2010 to 2012

Despite occupying 11% of the country - covering almost the entire Northeast region and Northern Minas Gerais - only 0.45% of the dry forest is protected in conservation units. To preserve this fragile biome, which suffers from deforestation and subsistence hunting, ENEVA entered a two-year partnership with Associação Caatinga.
In addition to conserving biodiversity in the dry forest, the organization supports the creation and management of Private Reserves of Natural Heritage  (RPPN’s). RPPN’s are private protected areas, created at the initiative of their proprietors and are recognized by governmental agencies in view of their environmental relevance.​


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