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expandWhat was the total investment of this project? 
With investments of R$ 86 million, the thermal power plant unites technical expertise, knowledge about the region and mastery of diesel generation technology.
expandWhat benefits has the installation brought to the community? 
Since 2008, with the beginning of operations, Amapari power plant assumed the social commitment of developing the communities surrounding the endeavor. As a result, the population of Serra do Navio was benefited with a greater number of jobs and with wealth generation. The work that Amapari has been undertaking in the region resulted in an Honors Certificate, which the local legislation of Serra do Navio bestowed upon the power plant on April 30, 2013, in recognition of the actions the company has been taking on behalf of the region’s development.
expandHow many jobs were generated during Amapari's construction? 
At the peak of construction, the works generated 400 jobs. It is currently operational and generates 40 direct jobs and 120 indirect jobs.
expandWhy was the municipality of Serra do Navio chosen as the location for this plant? 
Amapá has an energy matrix chiefly based on thermoelectric generation and is located in a strategic region of Brazil, with great growth potential to be developed in the next few decades.
expandWhat is Amapari? 
Amapari is a diesel fueled thermoelectric power plant located in the municipality of Serra do Navio (AP). Equipped with 12 MAN technology engines manufactured by STX/Hyundai, the power plant is a result of the partnership between ENEVA (51%) and Eletronorte (49%) and has an energy generation capacity for 23 MW.


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