​​​​​Source: Natural Gas

Status: licensed capacity to reach up to 3,722 MW

Generated jobs: 3,700 direct jobs at the peak of works


ENEVA operates one of the largest natural gas-fueled thermoelectric power generation complexes in Brazil, a pioneering project that integrates natural gas production to power generation, with 1,427 MW with installed capacity.

The Parnaíba Complex comprises the thermoelectric plants Parnaíba I, Parnaíba II, Parnaíba III and Parnaíba IV, which are installed in the municipality of Santo Antônio dos Lopes, in the state of Maranhão. 

With the gas produced by Parnaíba Gás Natural, ENEVA generates low cost energy, due to its privileged logistics – a plant next to the production wells – to the endeavor’s large scale and to its facility in connecting to the electrical network.

The natural gas supplied to the Parnaíba Complex comes from the production wells in the Parnaíba Basin. Only 18 months have elapsed from the beginning of the works to the start-up of the first of Complex turbines, in February of 2013. As much as 3,700 direct jobs were generated during the busiest period of the construction works. The Parnaíba Complex has licensed capacity to reach up to 3,722 MW.

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