Amapari thermal power plant has 23 MW of installed capacity and is located in the municipality of Serra do Navio, in Amapá. A result of a partnership between ENEVA (51%) and Eletronorte (49%), Amapari generates energy through 13 engines powered by the fuel B5, which is formed by mixing biodiesel (5%) and diesel oil (95%). In order to reduce unscheduled downtime of the unit, due to filter clogging at the fuel storage tanks caused by the formation of sludge-derived biodiesel-diesel blend, Amapari established a partnership with the Federal University of Pará to develop a Research & Development (R&D) project. The program aims at exploring alternatives to mitigate the problem and contribute to the continuous operation of the unit.

This sludge is composed of impurities accumulated during the biodiesel production and is inherent to all thermal that are moved with this fuel. The research conducted by ENEVA aim to identify, from chemical analysis, the composition of the sludge and to study alternatives to mitigate the problem and thus contribute to the full operation of the plant.

The project which started on August 2014, is expected to last 24 months and investment of R$ 504k. The study results will lead to dissertations and publications and may contribute to benefit other plants with similar problems.


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