​​​​Commitment with ethical principles​
The Code of Conduct of ENEVA expresses the company's commitment to ethical principles of integrity, transparency, discipline and mutual respect, and is reflected in all activities and relationship with society, at all locations where the company operates. The Code confirms the importance of ENEVA’s engagement with the highest level of integrity and ethics in its business. It also presents, in a clear and transparent way, the behaviors which are expected from all of ENEVA’s employees, making them aware of critical issues which require special attention and caution.

Responsibility and team work

Compliance with laws and regulations is everyone’s responsibility and therefore requires commitment and support of all departments at ENEVA.

ENEVA expects the Code of Conduct to be not only a source of information, but also to inspire relations that care for integrity, fairness, transparency and respect for people, the diversity and the environment.

Code of Conduct.pdf​​*

*The document is only available​ in Portuguese.


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