​Power generation and commercialization, natural resources exploration and trade, logistics solutions. ENEVA operates in a wide range of business fronts, a private company in the country with a fully integrated strategy in the energy chain.

The ability to work in different environments is just one of the attractions for those wishing to join the ENEVA high-performance team.

See other reasons to add your talent to ENEVA:

1.The company operates with major investments in energy, infrastructure and natural resources, among other areas;

2.Company projects are strategically located in several states in Brazil. This diverse portfolio allows exchanging experiences among people from different countries and cultures.

3.The company will encourage the creativity and the innovative potential of the workforce by investing heavily in scientific research and training and career development programs in all levels of education;

4.ENEVA managers set up plans designed to establish motivating goals for all employees, rewarding them for individual merit or group performance, regardless of their time in the company;

5.Project engineering and electrical engineering, besides careers in the administrative and technical areas, are among the areas with great potential for development.

If you have leadership, passion and dynamism to keep abreast with the changes and challenges facing the energy industry, submit your resume trhough ENEVA Career Opportunities link.

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