​ENEVA has the highest growth platform among private energy companies and is the only company with a fully integrated strategy in the energy chain, from the exploration of natural resources to marketing. (Learn about other ENEVA competitive advantages)

innovative and efficient profile in business, however, will depend directly on our ability to attract, retain and develop the best professional talents.

Therefore, ENEVA will implement a fair management of human resources and will employ the most advanced people management tools designed to motivate the workforce and enable them to overcome ongoing challenges.

ENEVA main guidelines in this area include:

1. encouraging individual talents and creativity, allowing employees to achieve personal and individual fulfillment;

2. receiving criticism and suggestions from employees as contribution to company improvement;

3. providing a safe working environment and equal opportunities to all in the hiring, development, promotion, transfer and salary processes;

4. adopting an ongoing learning model, thereby providing conditions for Human Development through training and professional qualification programs.



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