The ENEVA website was designed to enable access by the largest number of people possible,  including the visually impaired who use screen readers and other support  technologies.

Users can navigate the pages from the keyboard using the TAB key, however, it's necessary to activate the cursor navigation pressing the F7 key. Several others access keys  were designed to facilitate access to the different areas of the website. To be able to use these keys from Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or superior version, press ENTER after typing the selected combination among those listed below:

  • Use the TAB key to switch between areas.
  • To go directly to site main content, press  ALT + 4 (ALT key plus number 4) and then ENTER.
  • Once you have reached the first link on the left navigation bar, you will be able to switch other items on the bar by pressing TAB.
  • To increase the font size hold the Ctrl key and press the plus sign (+).
  • To decrease the font size hold the Ctrl key and press the minus sign (-).
  • To move down the page press Shift + down arrow.
  • To move up the page press Shift + up arrow.


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